When a clear view is an attractive view!

In nature we find water full of dissolved particles. When we purify it, we remove the dissolved particles? Pure water is an extremely effective organic solvent. It fights to return to its impure state, breaking down organic materials, this makes it great for cleaning windows.
With BMS “Pure Water Fed Pole” window cleaning system, we can clean up to five stories from the ground. This system provides safety for our staff and a through effective clean window for our clients.

Our modern pure water window cleaning system runs water through several stages of filtration. The simplest systems rely on Deionization filters (DI). In areas where water has more dissolved particles (i.e. is dirtier) more sophisticated system are often used. Carbon and Sediment pre-filters are used to clean out larger particles and chlorine, which is very destructive to the Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter.

The water then goes through the RO membrane. This filter is a semi-permeable membrane that blocks anything larger than a water molecule. By this point the water is clean. DI is a last step for polishing off any remaining dissolved particles.

BMS system delivers water in the range of0 to 5 total dissolved solids (TDS). The water runs through hose and tubing from our system, up through a pole, and through a brush onto the window…for pristine clean.